image Happy Vijaya Dasami Wallpapers

Vijaya Dasami Subhakankshalu

Vijaya Dasami is an auspicious hindu festival which is celebrated by the people of india on the eve of worship of divine Durga matha and this festival falls in months of september or october. This festival is known as sharad navratri in hindi and vijaya dasami in telugu and Dussehra in English and it is celebrated for 9 days of which the last day is termed as dussehra or navratri or Vijaya dasami which marks the end of the worship of goddess durga matha on this eve of important climatic changes of spring season. People wear three colour clothes and celebrate this festival on the navratri or dussehra or vijaya dasami (durgashtami) day with much more joy as these days are the public holidays in india so they, make most of this time by celebrating Vijaya Dasami with immense joy and happiness with their relatives. We here provide the happy Vijaya Dasami wallpapers which are free of any logos or watermarks and free of cost and easy to share with you friends and family. so feel free save the wallpapers and use them where ever you want.

Meeku mee kutumba sabhyulaku Vijaya Dasami Subhakankshalu…


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